Let's talk about the issues. As a candidate for State Board of Education, Vicki hopes to preserve quality education and create bright futures for Ohio students.



Vicki has, and always will be, a proponent of quality education for every Ohio student. As an experienced school board member, she believes that education is a fundamental right for Ohio students. Vicki hopes to continue her advocacy for quality education on the State Board of Education.



Vicki believes that Ohio students can achieve greater academic success with less state-required standardized testing. Decreasing state testing to federal minimums under the Every Student Succeeds Act will result in more quality classroom time between teachers and students and fewer rigorous test models.

Vicki discusses Sylvania School Board’s 2016 levy and #StrongSylvania.


Vicki is running for State Board of Education on a platform which includes fewer unfunded state mandates. She believes that an array of rules and policies lacking necessary funding to follow through hinders quality education for Ohio students.



Vicki believes that, first and foremost, students should be safe when entering their schools and classrooms. Additionally, she hopes to elevate mental health support and help foster honest, open dialogues about this topic. As a member of the State Board of Education, Vicki will fight to ensure our students are safe.